A kind of busy live weekend for 1LFF!


The first November weekend brings a pretty busy live shows schedule to 1LFF. While tonight on Fri Nov 3 2017 they have a double in Liberec (live at Bunkr Club night called Sedm ) and in Prague (as DJs at Philip T.B.C. album release party Cross Club), tomorrow on Sat Nov 4 2017 there is their live appearance at the 5th year of Nouvelle Prague showcase festival – the band enters the stage at Uhelna venue in Smíchov at 9.15 pm.

1LFF on Radio 1 score in the Great Seven!


2017-07-14 Challenging Private Authorities has been doing well in the Prague´s Radio 1 Czech-Slovak alternative chart for the fourth consecutive week! The song is currently ranked No. 4. You can cast your voice for 1LFF under this link. Cheers!

The both 1LFF´s remix EP and a debut album have come out!


2017-07-14 The Prague-based dubstep trio 1LFF are pushing it ahead!
The both announced titles - Challenging Private Authorities EP featuring remixes by Stroon, Sonority, Steve Knots and Dleeb as well as Heliobass Auritus debut album - have been released in quick sequence. Lukáš Turza (aka Juanita Juarez or Brooklyn) has done a job on mastering and production co-operation. The release party at Neone was just amazing and hopefully the next 1LFF live shows will follow soon! Both titles have been released digitally worldwide thanks to The Orchard - available in a variety of online stores - such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer or Juno Download.

We are back welcoming a new artist on board: 1LFF!


2017-06-16 After three years of hibernation we are up and ready to move forward again – thanks for your patience!
We are delighted to enter a new era of running our label with debut album of a three-piece band called 1LFF, which is to be preceded by EP Challenging Private Authorities.
The album release launch party is scheduled for June 29 at Prague´s Neone club. More info to be coming up soon – meanwhile you can vote for 1LFF at Velká sedma chart on Radio 1 Prague. Muchas gracias!

The Orff Brothers have achieved a roaring success at the Czech Music Awards!!!

Cena Anděl

The Krnov guys keep on enjoying their prize-winning journey!
On Wednesday, May 14, 2014, our heroes succeeded in striking a true double gold when they collected two Andel 2013 - Czech Music Awards.
The Orff Brothers became the Band Of the Year and "Sero" is the Album Of the Year!
Cheers & cong guys :::

SOLILOQUI :: This Is What I'm Made Of EP (QDR014)
A Prague based combo Soliloqui has become a new sailboat berthed at the Quazi Delict Records port. The band currently runs in the following line-up: Radka Slukova (voc), Jan sikl (keyb), Hop (dr), Marek Novotnz (g) and Vaclav Brezina (bg). Concerning style the quintet combines jazz, alternative rock and electro-acoustic music of the scandinavian kind. Five track "This Is What I´m Made Of" EP was produced and mixed by Matous Godik. The launch gig took place at Prague´s Jazz Dock on May 16. To buy the release click HERE. Enjoy listening :::

Audioport Transposes The Orff Brothers from the Bio Oko cinema onto FM

Bratri OKO13

On Wednesday, April 24th, the Orff Brothers perform live at a special occassion of Audioport - an international music project linking the Czech Radio Wave with its Slovak counterpart Radio FM.
The event will be held at Prague Bio Oko cinema (Františka Křížka 15, Praha 7) and the Orffs will share the stage with the Slovak Tomáš Sloboda & Sounds Like This. Both performances are set to be broadcasted by the above-mentioned radio stations and streamed by YouTube channel of the Cesky rozhlas. Advance booking (Oko, Aero, Světozor) costs 50,- CZK, entry at the venue: 100,- CZK. The hall capacity is limited! :::

Floex and Orff Brothers entering the stage

Bratri AKRO13

There are at least two hot events scheduled in the program of Zizkov Palac Akropolis in the last week of January that are worth not to be omitted.
First Floex supporting his close genre related Edinburgh based Hidden Orchestra performs within Music Infinity series on January 29. This time Tomas who recently has appeared as a guest on their "Flight" single is going to join the Scotsmen for a couple of songs on the stage. For more info jump HERE.
And then it is right the next day when a bunch of melancholics from Krnov Orff Brothers take the stage. Their second album 'Sero' is supposed to come out in autumn and after two testing bites (Sul z Krnova (Kittchen cover) and Vymazan) there is a brand new single titled Srust (i.e. Knit) that might be heard on Prague's Radio 1.
As the band's statement say "the lyrics expose the last moments of dimming relationship intimacies". It was Photolab singer Magdalena Salamounova who took a role of the "vocal partner". The new singl might be included in the set list to the Orffs gig that they do together with Slovak band Zive kvety as a part of Euroconnections on Wed January 30. More info HERE :::

Quazi Delict Presents the Dubstep Supporters T-shirt Edition

T-shirt MODEL

The Dubstep Supporters T-shirts are made from top-class cotton and provided with a high quality print: Dubstep Supporters motif at the front and Quazi Delict logotype at the back. Men´s (M, L, XL) version comes out in black (Jamaica style), red and brown while ladies' (M) design is available in navy.

Prices (excl. postage):
> Dubstep Supporters T-shirt (all variations): 239,- CZK (9,60 EUR)
> Dubstep Supporters T-shirt (all variations) + CD Real Transported Man -"Time 2 Share": 439,- CZK (17,60 EUR)

> In person
> Cash on delivery
> Gift voucher

Contact: ales@quazidelict.cz or (+420) 774 566 952

Merry Xmas & Lots of Great Music in 2013!
Your Quazi Delict Team :::

On Tuesday July 3, 2012 at 10 PM Radio 1 will broadcast a recording of the concert of the Real Transported Man project within its On Stage program. The following guests from the album Time 2 Share have taken part in the concert - Linda Hammelova aka Lindee, Lenka Dusilova, Jock The Lock, and moreover, a drummer virtuoso Tom Herian aka Drama Jacqua, a flutist Radimo and MC Vaant (Alef Zero). The album was baptized during the last year's performance of the project at the Prague's Roxy club - which is where the recording comes from.

Orff Brothers Return, Krnov Comes to Life
Bingriwingri has always been a bit shrouded. Sometimes it would even be enveloped in fog, yet most of the time it would be covered by mist, as when haze rises from the forests or as when the nights are already cold towards the end of the summer. Seven years later, the Orff Brothers have recorded a new single called 'Erased', but something is different this time – the fog is gone, everything suddenly appears in even uncomfortably sharp and specific outlines. This blues is coarse, there’s no fury or self-pity, only an exposed and vulnerable resignation to the gear of circumstances. That’s life:::

Orff Brothers - Erased Orff Brothers also slowly start to dust off their instruments and after more than two years they return to the concert stages. Their first stop will become the February part of EuroConnections concert series in Palac Akropolis, where they’ll perform on Wednesday February 29, 2012 together with the Norwegian discovery Einar Stray. Attention! The concert starts already at 7:30 p.m.!
THE GLOOM IS APPROACHING! More information on the upcoming album THE GLOOM at www.bratriorffove.cz // www.facebook.com/borffove :::


RTM cover

Dubstepping oak leaves – that is the fall QUAZI version of dubstep T-shirts collection, which is now for sale in a couple of color variants. All combinations can be viewed HERE....

The price of monochrome dubsteppers is 250,- CZK (10 €) and tricolor Jamaican version is 300,- CZK (12 €).

You can order the t-shirts via our email info@quazidelict.cz or buy it directly at Radost CD shop in Belehradska Street (the prices there slightly differ, being at 350,- CZK and 400,- CZK). The CD Real Transported Man is for sale for 299,- CZK (12 €) in Radost CD shop or at online Minority and Popron :::

New Videos from RTM Live at Roxy
Real Transported Man's debut album 'Time 2 Share' was baptized during a very pleasant evening of the Free Mondays series at Prague's Roxy club on Monday, November 21 2011. Here's a link to some videos from the evening. There are also two new songs among the videos: 'Wheeler' with Lenka Dusilova and 'Let my love shine on you'. Thanks to all for your support :::

Real Transported Man's 'Time 2 Share' CD Release Party

ROXY krest

An evening full of autonomic, deep drum'n'bass and dubstep music. Elemental Sound is a great way of discovering new music horizons.
If we try to familiarize ourselves with the Czech dubstepu and dnb, we will surely encounter a wide range of striking talents, yet hardly any of them went as far in refining their sound as REAL TRANSPORTED MAN. To say the truth, it would probably be very difficult to find more authors whose production sounds attractive both on a strong PA system in a club as well as while listening at home.
The producer Richard Tauchman, nicknamed RTM, will be supported at Roxy by a dubstep magician Jaromir Bednar (Jock The Lock, Atomise, Labua X), drummer Thom Herian (N.O.H.A., Sato San To, Drama Jacqua), flute player Radimo, vocalists Lenka Dusilova, Lindee and Sara Vondraskova plus MC Vaant (Alef Zero). The evening will be completed with DJs: Pavel Bidlo, Josef Sedlon and Stanzim.
This packed evening will take place at Prague's Roxy club on Monday, November 21 2011 (starting at 8 p.m.) as part of the Free Mondays series (free entrance). The Roxy concert is the release party for the 'Time 2 Share' debut which has recently come out on the Quazi Delict Records label :::

Real Transported Man :: Time 2 Share (QDR012)
Real Transported Man's debut album is coming out today, October 17 2011, in cooperation with Radio 1 91.9 FM. KThe release party will take place on November 21 2011 at Prague's Roxy club. You can find samples from the CD on Soundcloud or in the Discography section. Physical CD can be purchased in stone shops or at Minority and Popron online shops. Thanks :::

Real Transported Man "Time 2 Share" CD Preview

The Second Single From the Debut Album By RTM - Time 2 Share
Real Transported Man is knocking on the door with his 'Time 2 Share' debut - the album is coming out on October 17 - and after the pilot single 'Shake' with the guest vocalist Lindee, here comes the second tasting from the CD called 'Omen'. This dense drum'n'bass energy decorated by the vocals of the unique Lenka Dusilova enables us to see clearer the contours of the debut. You can hear it on Soundcloud or on Radio 1 91.9 FM from Monday Otober 10 on :::

Real Transported Man feat. Lenka Dusilova - Omen

Real Transported Man Release Date and Party

RTM cover

Real Transported Man alias RTM is a pseudonym inspired by Nicola Tesla and under which debuts an exceptionally talented producer Richard Tauchmann. The CD called 'Time 2 Share' is a very welcomed invitation into the area of dubstep and deep minimal drum'n'bass which has hardly been explored in our latitudes. The contemporary club electronic music is here enriched by a few guests (e.g. Linda Hammel, Lenka Dusilova). The credits for the absolutely perfected quality of the recording goes to the sound master Matous Godik. The album is heavily supported by the Prague's Radio 1 and you can expect the first live performances at the beginning of the winter season.
The release date is October 17 2011 and therefore it is by all means and in all aspects revolutionary.:) The release party is on November 21 at Prague's Roxy club :::

Merak Remixes Shake from Real Transported Man
Merak is a man of contrasts... Pleasant intro has no problem detonating into souped-up dubstep and still it all holds together. Tip-top production, leaking experience, that is: a remix of Shake we're so happy about :::

Real Transported Man feat. Lindee - Shake (Merak Remix)

Real Transported Man Shook Out His First Remix
Real Transported Man is our new Quazi Delict man, who will bow down via his debut album roughly around the end of October. In case you're also interested in petty gestures, then single Shake with Lindee as a guest (nechte se pohladit každé pondělí v poledne na Radiu 1) is being served regularly on Prague's 91.9 FM - let yourself be caressed every Monday at noon. The first shift is being offered by Slovak-Belgian tandem Blue Motion in the shape of a fabulous remix. And that's only the beginning! Real Transported Man. Is it difficult to forget three words???

Real Transported Man feat. Lindee - Shake (Blue Motion Remix)

The First Single “Shake” from upcoming RTM album 'Time 2 Share'

We Are Changing Our Main Distribution Partner
From July 2011 on PF Distribution will be distributing our CDs. We believe the switchover will be smooth and you will come across Quazi Delict at least equally often as until now. The current offer at the stone shops will be preserved :::

Real Transported Man is Shaking for the First Time!

RTM logo

The single Shake is out on June 13. We can expect more shaking after the holidays, when Richard's debut album 'Time 2 Share' will be released. The single Shake represents the first and truly kind contact with the album. It's an honour that Lindee, who we consider a smouldering talent of our music scene, has contributed with her vocals. You can hear the radio edit starting mid June on the waves of Radio 1 91.9Mhz, while the remix glove is slowly being lifted by Slovak-Belgian Blue Motion, Pavel Bidlo, Merak and Lithuanian End Over. .

If you do not possess the right FM patience, click on our SoundCloud or YouTube channel :::

Real Transported Man: New Man on the Board

RTM logo

A new addition to the QDR catalogue is looming on the horizon.

PWe have shaken hands with a producer from Hradec Kralove who calls himself Real Transported Man. His debut album will oscilate between sophisticated dubstep and drum and base. If everything moves on according to the schedule the cd will be out after summer holidays :::

News 03/2011
We are happy to inform you that we have set up QDR accounts on Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud - so you can now follow our activities and become our fans on more sites ;) In addition, we have also changed our mailing address. And the latest news is that as early as next month you will learn the name of a new artist/project working on their debut album for QDR :::